3 Step Gallery Wall Installation

January 04, 2021

3 Step Gallery Wall Installation

I've been wanting to create a gallery wall in my home for the longest time, and I finally found the perfect space and set of frames to make my vision come to life! I love the look of square frames in a gallery wall with a clean crisp mat. To be honest, I really did not want to spend $15+ on each frame for the gallery wall because while this seems very affordable, it adds up VERY quickly!

I came across a 12 piece gallery frame set from Target for under $90 and was sold! I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the frames, and they came with instructions and templates for easy hanging.

The frames I purchased have a photo opening of 7.5" x 7.5" which I found to be a difficult size to print. I ended up printing 8" x 8" photos from CVS (any photo printing service will do), and they worked perfectly! I simply laid the photo over the opening and secured the back.

Let's get into the installation!

Materials you will need:

Step One: Template

Begin by templating your gallery wall. I wanted my gallery wall to be in the center of my space, so I made sure before I started templating to measure how far in I wanted the first and last photo in each row. Once I determined where I wanted to place the first and last photo, I determined how much space needed to be between each photo. In my case this was 2 inches. 

I first started by using my laser level to tape up the first paper template (be sure to test tape out on you wall first to ensure it does not peel the paint). Using the laser of the level, I aligned the first template in it's spot and taped it to the wall. While keeping the laser level in place, I took my pencil and drew dashes across the wall directly where the laser pointed. This is going to help speed up the process when templating the rest of the wall.

Now that I have level pencil markings across my row, I am able to put up the next templates. Before taping up each template, I measured two inches to ensure all of my frames were spaced evenly. I held the template up to the pencil marking, taped it, and then double checked with the laser level to ensure it was level and in line with the row. I repeated this for the next two frames in the first row.

To start the second row, I again measured two inches from the top row of frames to ensure my spacing is even. I also checked the laser level vertically to ensure I would be level on each column as well.

I repeated the steps of laser leveling, pencil marking, and taping each template for row 2 and row 3.

Step 2: Hardware
The templates allow for very easy hardware installation! I do not recommend using the anchors and hardware that come with the frame set. This will create a much bigger headache than needed. All you need are simple hanging nails that can easily be tapped into the wall with a hammer.

First begin by marking on the wall exactly where the nail will go. The templates provide you with an exact dot, and I simply took a screw driver to make a tiny hole through the paper and mark the wall. A pencil works great too!

Once you mark, you are ready to remove the templates and hammer in your nails! I recommend doing this one by one with the templates, so you do not risk losing one of your markings on your wall. When hammering in the nails be sure to leave out at least a centimeter of the nail for the frame to hang on.

Step 3: Hang!

Once your hardware is in, you are ready to hang! After hanging be sure to pull the laser level back out to straighten out the frames and ensure they are level.

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