seasonal pop up shops

Every season I host an online "pop up shop" where I offer my siganture personalized pitchers and an assortment of personalized seasonal home decor accents. Each seasonal pop up shop piece is one of a kind and only available during my pop up events. Choose from over 20 semi-custom designs, or provide your own personalization for your piece! Pop up shops typically sell out in 1 - 2 days, and there are no restocks.

When is the next pop up shop?

Spring 2023 - Date TBD

calling rhode island small businesses

interested in hosting an in person details and swirls pop up shop?

While I focus heavily on my online seasonal pop up shops, I do love to "pop up" in the community at local small businesses as well! From live lettering, to sign selling, and everything in between! I would love to chat with you more about hosting a Details and Swirls pop up event at your establishment!