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January Lettering Worksheets (PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)


What you will find in the workbook:

  • Brief introduction to faux calligraphy & the art of hand lettering
  • Detailed guide on how to letter each practice word
  • 10 word practice pages (remember you can print these over & over!)

Materials you need:

  • Basic pen or pencil
  • Printer​​​​​​​ (if you do not have a printer, simply upload and print at your favorite printing website!)

Do I need your Beginner's Hand Lettering Workbook to understand these worksheets?
  • No! While I do not discuss in depth hand lettering techniques or cover how to write each letter like I do in my beginner's workbook, I've set up my monthly worksheets in a way that is simple and easy to follow even if you have no experience!


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